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brian_scott_campbellBrian Scott Campbell Lives in Los Angeles

Describe your process
The drawings are arrived at in a diaristic way, through many sketches and list making. Still-lives, nudes, and cartoonish self-portraiture are subjects that I continually return to. My approach is to create a collision of imagery in these drawings, producing an electric and claustrophobic space. I want the work to be exuberant and sober, filled with longing, humor, uncertainty, and the element of surprise.

What’s inside your studio?
Mad magazines, a bag of rubber bands, an empty Café Bustelo can, almost-finished rolls of masking tape, red vines, and a little cactus.


Bananas!, 2013. Graphite and ink on paper, 32×28 inches

What’s on your cultural radar for 2015?
I can’t wait to see the Chris Ofili show at the New Museum in New York, and a big Cubism show at the Met from the Leonard Lauder Collection, both up through February 2015. Also, I plan to check out Austin Psych Fest.

What do you have coming up?
I have work included in a show called “prty ppl” in Dallas at Circuit 12 Contemporary, with Jim Drain, Ryan Travis Christian, Austin Eddy, and others, on view in January 2015. 

Which artists affect you?
Lately, I have a renewed obsession with Martín Ramírez, Elijah Pierce, John Altoon, Robert Colescott, William Hawkins, Howard Finster, and Rev. R.A. Miller.